Delfield Prep Stations Overview

Courtesy Delfield

Dual Rail Prep Tables Double the Production, Same Footprint

Dual rail prep tables have a second, elevated rail to improve production without adding to the footprint. Add to the menu without crowding the kitchen. Add toppings and products to the operation in the same space.

Advanced benefits. Greater results.

Maximizes kitchen spaces for efficient production. Flush mounted pan design allows for better operator ergonomics and improved visibility and reach to all the products with superior cooling technology!

Add to the menu

Add to the menu without crowding the kitchen. Add toppings and products to the operation in the same space and in the same overall footprint.

Double capacity, half the footprint

48″ PDL = (12) 1/3 size pans = standard 99″ PTB. 72″ PDL = (18) 1/3 size pans = has no equal. This is the largest capacity of any standard pizza table available anywhere.

Consistent temperatures

Consistent temperatures are maintained below 41 degrees (F). Keep food fresh and appealing, enhancing your revenue opportunities and minimizing waste.

Evaporator coils

Mullion style evaporator coils mount between door openings to allow full depth storage and improved air circulation throughout the cabinet.

Patented LiquiTec uses eutectic fluid

Patented LiquiTec® uses eutectic fluid permanently sealed in a jacket surrounding the pan opening as the cooling medium. Refrigerant lines cool the eutectic fluid, which in turn, cools the pan. This fluid remains a liquid at extremely cold temperatures, providing consistent, even super cooling, keeping food fresh and safe. Eutectic fluid surrounds the sides and bottom of the pan providing 100% more surface contact than a traditional mechanically cooled pan.

Safe Food – LiquiTech performance meets strict NSF7 standards. Food can be held in open pans at less than 41 degrees (F) for 4 hours. This helps you maintain safe food handling practices in your operation.

Labor Efficiency

Pans are mounted flush with the work surface for improved ergonomics. Also, because the pan covers the entire opening, it reduces frost build-up on the inner which means less time defrosting. Clean-up can be done with the swipe of a cloth. Also having 6″ deep pans means less frequent replenishment.

Full Extension Plus Drawer System


Virtually any size pan lifts straight out without tilting. Available in any of our Mark 7 Custom Systems. Stay shut feature is perfect for uneven floors.


Our versatile drawer design holds industry standard 12″x20″, 1/2 to 1/6-size pans. Plus, get a grip with the easy grip pan flange.

Full Extension Plus
Drawer System

Delfield’s full extension plus drawer system literally surpasses every drawer on the market today. In fact, they extend a full 15% further than other manufactures.

Available sizes: (pans supplied by others)

Wide Work Surface

A 14″ width work surface provides assembly area for large pizzas. 36″ high work surface – ergonomic design make pizza assembly fast and convenient. Top rail height is 42″ high, making it quick and easy to get to pizza toppings.

Innovative Gasket Design

Magnetic snap in gasket design for assured door seal and easy removal for cleaning. Easy to access recessed door handles. Hinges are concealed in the door to avoid damage. Cam lift system assures that the doors self-close past 90, while staying open for convenient access at 120 degrees (F).

Polyurethane Insulation

Efficient, energy saving full 2″ thick polyurethane foam insulation keeps the heat out and the cold in for efficient operation. Tough, easy to clean ABS interiors that stand up to wear and tear in a busy kitchen and are easy to keep clean and sanitary.