Norlake One-Piece, Self-Contained Capsule Pak Systems

Courtesy SEFA Marketing Department 

Norlake Capsule Pak™ refrigeration systems for Kold Locker™ walk-ins feature condensing units and evaporator coils in the same housing. The one-piece design provides simple installation and service as well as increased energy efficiency.

Easy Installation

  • One-piece design on indoor and outdoor models
  • Pre-charged self-contained system (no refrigeration contractor)
  • Cord-and-plug electrical (no electrical contractor)
  • No floor drain required

Easy Service

  • Many components serviceable from inside the walk-in
  • Standard electronic controller and electrical components positioned for easy access

Easy Savings

  • Save up to 25% in energy costs over previous one-piece models
  • High efficiency fans and compressors
  • Standard electronic control system for added performance and energy efficiency
  • DOE, SNAP, and CARB compliant


In addition to the new one-piece design, Norlake still offers a two-piece version that can be quick-connected together or remote with pre-charged line sets. Click here to learn more about Capsule Pak™ Refrigeration Systems.


One-Piece Capsule Pak

Features & Benefits

One-Piece Capsule Pak

Easy Install Instructions

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