Cool-To-Touch Design Provides Energy Efficiency at a Lower Initial Investment

Cool-to-touch design provides energy efficiency at a lower initial investment

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Insulation Armour insulates the cabinet and protects employees from hot surfaces. The built-in hand holds and full-body bumper protection make it easy to handle when used in mobile applications.

C5 3 Series with Insulation Armour™

Lower your energy bill by as much as $305 annually, compared to traditional or a non-insulted cabinets.

Unique Design

The cool-to-touch design provides energy efficiency at a lower intial investment. Patented technology retains heat and saves energy!

Insulation Armour™

Durable polymer exterior insulates the cabinet and is dent, impact, and stain resistant. Available in red, blue or gray.

New addition to the most popular insulated cabinet line!

Why choose an under counter 3-Series?

  • 3-Series offers great value at the right place.
  • Flexibility to hold, proof, or hold with moisture.
  • Having a bottom mounted module = more ergonomic access in an under counter application.
With shrinking footprints, kitchen real-estate becoming even more valuable, and operators searching for quality product at an economic price point, this is the perfect time. Having the new 3-Series Under Counter in your thermal holding toolbox will allow you to take advantage of these trends.
Available in solid insulated aluminum or clear polycarbonate doors. Full height cabinets can be configured with full-length or dutch-style doors.
Choose full-height (71″), 3/4″ height (59″), 1/2 height (44″), and new under counter (32″).

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